Shoreline of Infinity’s Soundwave

Episode Zero

December 19, 2018

Welcome traveller, to Episode Zero of Soundwave, a science fiction podcast brought to you by Shoreline of Infinity.

We thought we'd give you a Christmas treat before the first season kicks off proper in January.

In this episode you can hear what will be backbones of the podcast with audio stories, as well as a festive audio drama by our own dramatists, the Infinitesimals.

I your host, RJ Bayley, invite you to strap on your very finest pair of headphones, pour yourself your favourite drink and pull up your comfiest armchair next to the most questionably large fire you can build, and join us for the start of something most excellent.

If you celebrate Christmas, have a very merry one, and if you don't, please accept our wishes with the sentiment which they're meant, from your new SF friends, Soundwave.

~ RJ Bayley



Host, Writer & Producer - RJ Bayley @RJBayley

Producer - Noel Chidwick @noelchidwick

Music - Alex Storer @theLightDreams


Keeping the Peace

Published in Shoreline of Infinity 9
Writers - Catriona Butler & Rob Butler
Narrator - Debbie Cannon @DebsCa 


A Choice for the Golden Age

Published in Shoreline of Infinity 10
Writer - Matthew Castle
Narrator - Danielle Farrow @DFActing


ATU334 The Wise

Published in Shoreline of Infinity 10

Writer - Majira Smits
Narrator - Izzy Hourihane



Published in Shoreline of Infinity 3

Writer - Guy Stewart
Narrator - RJ Bayley


Other Colours

Published in Shoreline of Infinity 6

Writer - Michael F Russell
Adapted for audio by Jonathan Whiteside @JA_Whiteside 

Voice actor - Johnathan Whiteside

Voice actor - Ben Blow @RealityFunds

Voice actor - Debbie Cannon

Sound designer & Producer - RJ Bayley

Sound designer & Producer - Noel Chidwick


Artwork - Mark Toner


Shoreline of Infinity

Twitter: @shoreinf




66.6% of the psychic energy generated by this podcast will be donated to the Survivors of the 236th Greyghast/Cyclin Inter-Sector War Fund.

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