Shoreline of Infinity’s Soundwave

Episode Two

March 15, 2019
Welcome, Traveller.
On this episode we're shining a spotlight on the the electronic sci fi influenced music of Alex Storer, AKA The Light Dreams.
Since Alex is providing the incidental music of Soundwave, I thought it only right to introduce this already accomplished musician and artist properly.
As well as this episode's Sonic Space being a comfortingly nerdy interview between he and I, we're also replacing some of the usual incidental music with full length tracks of his taken from the breadth of his oeuvre.
To punctuate this we've also got some punchy prose and poetry concerning time travel, which nicely complement the otherworldly, synth vibes we've got running through the show.
They come in the form of Back in Time, by Jane Yolen and narrated by Danielle Farrow, and Time Travel Story by Richmond A. Clements, performed by Johnathan Whiteside.
So, I'll cut the waffle and let you get on with listening with the actual show. God knows Nyarlathotep knows I was in a particularly waffly mood during this one.
~ Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtext RJ Bayley
Host, Writer, Producer - Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtect RJ Bayley @RJBayley
Producer Overtect - Noel Chidwick @noelchidwick
All music both incidental and featured by Tunetect Alex Storer @theLightDreams
Songs in order of appearance:
Stories and poems curated by Verbis Curate Voxtects Debbie Cannon and Jonathan Whiteside
Back in Time
Written by Jane Yolen @JaneYolen
Narrated by Voxtect Danielle Farrow @DFActing
Sonic Space
Produced and presented by RJ Bayley
Alex Storer's work can be found at
Time Machine Story
Written by Richmond A. Clements
Narrated by Jonathan Whiteside @JA_Whiteside
Artwork - Illutect Mark Toner @tonertweets
Shoreline of Infinity
Twitter: @shoreinf
66.6% of the psychic energy generated by this podcast will be donated to the Survivors of the 236th Greyghast/Cyclin Inter-Sector War Fund.

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