Shoreline of Infinity’s Soundwave

Episode Six

June 11, 2019

Welcome Travellers,

In this episode of Soundwave we're keeping it simple. One poem, one story, one interview, one song, minimum waffle from myself.

The reasons for that are twofold. Firstly,  I am being brazenly lazy. Secondly, the structure of this episode just doesn't lend itself to my waffling (if you do like my waffle about things like the correlation between sci-fi and cakes [see last episode] then there's still a bit at the end for you). The opening poem, short as it is, effectively lays out why sci-fi is so important and is something of a mission statement for the episode, if not the entirety of Soundwave.

It just didn't seem right to fill the gaps, and frankly nothing needed saying at that point so I've just decided to go straight into our nice, lengthy story that resonates with our own time. Certainly one to walk through your local wooded area to. I'm serious. Save this one up and go for a walk at the nearest convenient forest. You can thank me later.

Then we have a far reaching chat about science and science fiction on Sonic Space this episode between astrophysicist and SF author David L Clements and myself.

You might remember that we featured one of his stories on Episode Five, Something Fishy, narrated by Debbie Cannon.

It just flowed too nicely for me to waffle through. Don't worry though, I'm sure I'll feel the urge to ruin whatever excellent content we have next episode.

While I'm here, we’d really appreciate a kind review on iTunes, or indeed, whatever podcast platform you’re listening via.

~ Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtext RJ Bayley



Host, Writer, Producer - Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtect RJ Bayley @RJBayley

Producer - Overtect Noel Chidwick @noelchidwick

Music by Tunetect Alex Storer @theLightDreams

Stories curated by Verbis Curate Voxtects Debbie Cannon (@DebsCa) and Jonathan Whiteside (@JA_Whiteside)

Poetry curated by Verbis Curate Russell Jones @RussJonesWrites

Can SciFi Save Us?

Written by Jane Yolen

Narrated by RJ Bayley

The Last Days of the Lotus Eaters

Written by Leigh Harlen

Narrated by Izzy Hourihane

Sonic Space

Produced and presented by RJ Bayley

David L Clements writing can be found via his website:

Phoenix Rising by Turilli / Lione RHAPSODY from the album Zero Gravity (Rebirth And Evolution) on Nuclear Blast. @ltrhapsody 

Artwork - Illutect Mark Toner @MarkToner

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