Shoreline of Infinity’s Soundwave

Episode Seven

July 15, 2019

Greetings Traveller,

Another episode of Shoreline of Infinity's Soundwave is here to hear. 

On this installment we've got a story that is both cheerily about those cheeriest of creatures, bumble bees, while also being about how humans in general largely polite anything beyond ever being considered even close to a paradise.

We've also got some poetry in the form of South by Marge Simon and a really wonderful episode of Sonic Space in which sci-fi author Dr. Pippa Goldschmidt and I go merrily meandering through time, discussing World War 2 events and scientist who became death, the destroyer of worlds as well as her own books and writing process. It's well worth forking out for the extended version if I'm being honest, with 20 odd minutes of delicious bonus discourse in there.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

~ Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtext RJ Bayley



Host, Writer, Producer - Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtect RJ Bayley @RJBayley

Producer - Overtect Noel Chidwick @noelchidwick

Music by Tunetect Alex Storer @theLightDreams

Stories curated by Verbis Curate Voxtects Debbie Cannon (@DebsCa) and Jonathan Whiteside (@JA_Whiteside)

Poetry curated by Verbis Curate Russell Jones @RussJonesWrites

The Apple Bee

Written by K.E. Macphee

Narrated by Voxtect Ben Blow @RealityFunds


Written by Marge Simon

Narrated by Voxtect Sue Gyford @SueGyford

All stories & poetry produced by RJ Bayley

Sonic Space

Produced and presented by RJ Bayley

Dr. Pippa Goldschmidt’s writing can be found via her website:

Habitus 1 by Emi James from the EP Social Capital, @G_RJohn

Artwork - Illutect Mark Toner @MarkToner


Shoreline of Infinity


Twitter: @shoreinf


66.6% of the psychic energy generated by this podcast will be donated to the Survivors of the236th Greyghast/Cyclin Inter-Sector War Fund.

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