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Episode Five

May 21, 2019

Greetings Travellers, 

Firstly, allow me to offer my humblest apologies for the tardiness of this episode. An explanation is given in the episode itself, but ultimately, it's all my fault and I am sorry.

Rest assured I'll be doubling down in the near future and putting together another episode for you, the STG, to devour sooner rather than later. This will hopefully negate any time lost to our glorious cause of spreading the healing sounds of SF across the galaxy.

As part of my reparations I offer you this, a bumper episode of SF content of the highest order. We've got two meaty audio stories with fabulous writing and narration for you to get involved in punctuated by some poetry of equally high caliber.

We've also got a Sonic Space with Laura Lam, the fun and intelligent author behind the Micah Grey and Pacifica books.

And if that wasn't trying almost too hard to make up for the timing of this episode, we've also been gifted the experimental synth dreampop of L-Space to play out with.

If you wouldn't mind, please consider subscribing to the Soundwave levels on our Patreon. It really helps continue the production of this show, and as the Patreon grows, I'll be able to turn down unexpected jobs from animation studios because I'm forced to prioritise Soundwave and not the other way around.

The Stella Conlator Guild and our Patreon is still in its early days, but then the Imperium of Man wasn't built in a day.

~ Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtext RJ Bayley



Host, Writer, Producer - Director Overtect Verbistect Loquenist Voxtect RJ Bayley @RJBayley

Producer - Overtect Noel Chidwick @noelchidwick

Music by Tunetect Alex Storer @theLightDreams

Stories curated by Verbis Curate Voxtects Debbie Cannon (@DebsCa) and Jonathan Whiteside (@JA_Whiteside)

An Infinite Number of Me

Written by Dan Grace

Narrated by Voxtect Danielle Farrow @DFActing


Written by Peter Roberts

Narrated by Voxtect Ben Blow @RealityFunds

Something Fishy

Written by David L Clements

Narrated by Debbie Cannon @DebsCa

All stories and poetry produced by RJ Bayley

Sonic Space

Produced and presented by RJ Bayley

Laura Lams books can be found via her website:

Morning Traffic Overhead by L-Space from the album Music forMegastructures on Last Night From Glasgow. @LSpace_Band 

Artwork - Illutect Mark Toner @MarkToner

Shoreline of Infinity

Twitter: @shoreinf


66.6% of the psychic energy generated by this podcast will be donatedto the Survivors of the 236th Greyghast/Cyclin Inter-Sector War Fund.

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